Potential Flow

This week we looked more into potential flow as well as doing some examples.

We looked into a Doublet, which was 2-dimensional and steady. The streamline that was given is:


To find the isopots of this, we have to find:




with some manipulation we can get this in the form of x^2+y^2=r^2


As we can see from this, the circle is going to be centered around CodeCogsEqn(8) and with radius CodeCogsEqn(8).

If we plot the streamlines and isopots on the same graph, we get:


We can see these cross at right angles, this seems to be the case for every stream function.

Now we looked at Bernouilli’s equation in potential flow and how to derive it.

This is here:


We also looked at another example with water waves.

This week I enjoyed more since we were deriving new equations. I think I will need to go over this week thoroughly so that I understand fully the derivation.


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